A May River War Shield

East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

Circa 1900

wood, fibre, pigment

Provenance :

Collected by Ingeborg de Beausacq in the 1950's.

Julius Carlebach, New York, 1964. By descent to Josefa Carlebach.

Private  New york collection

H: 216cm -  85"

A Mengen War Shield

East Britain

19th century

wood, rattan,pigment

Provenance :

Linden Museum, Stuttgart, with an old inventory script L.1482/38, S.N. Pommern, Dr. Hahl  H:148cm - 58 1/4 in

A Wola War Shield

Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Early 20th century

wood, fibre, pigment

Provenance :

Collected by Ulrich Kortmann, 1985. Ulrich Kortmann collection, Dortmund.

H : 126cm - 49 1/2 in

An Astrobale Bay War Shield

Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

19th century

wood, pigment

Provenance :

collected before 1902 by Dr. Hermann Finck, Rostock, Germany

H : 90cm - 35,4in