A Sepik River charm

Yuat People

 H.66cm 26in

A Rare Massim Islands Figure

Provenance Anthony Moris, Paris, prior to 1939

H. 58cm -  22 3/4 in

A New Ireland Tatanua Mask

Provenance :

Linden Museum no. 22845, collected by Bruno Menke in 1901, and donated to the museum after his death by his widow and brother in law Ludwig Bretschneider, Munich, by exchange

width 40cm - 15 3/4 in

A Coastal Sepik Male Ancestor Figure

Provenance :

W.D. Webster, no 6762, Bicester,Oxford,1897

General A.C.E. Pittrivers, Farnham,Dorset


Ethnographic Specimens, catalogue no.19,Oxford House,Bicester,Oxon,England,1897,no.130

H.37cm - 14 1/2 in