Uli Figure

Collected before 1914 by a German botanist
Herman Seeger, Stuttgart
Wood, turbo petholatus opercula, shell, fiber, adhesive putty and pigments

108 cm

Dance Mask, Matua

Collected between 1896 and 1899 by Father Rascher and Richard Parkinson.
Herz-Jesu-Mission, MCS Schwesterngemeinschaft, Munster- Hiltrup, Germany, 1905.

Manfred Steffmann, Möhnsee- Günne, Germany
Wood, turbo petholatus opercula, adhesive gum, fiber, feathers and pigments


Dance Mask with mouth ornament, Tatanua

Collected by Dr. Lautenbach in Ungalubu Villiage, New Hannover

Lemaire, Amsterdam

Museum voor Land en Volkenkunde, Rotterdam
Wood, fiber, turbo petholatus opercula, trade cloth, glass beads and pigments

56 cm

Southern New Ireland Dance Mask.

Private Collection, Newcastle, England

Chris and Anna Thorpe, Sydney

Wood, turbo petholatus opercula, adhesive gum, abrus seeds and pigments

37 cm