Portrait of a Bena-Bena man wearing a bird-of-paradise feather headdress,

and a shell and bead necklace. Sigoyabu Village.

(H. Bernatzik, Südsee, 1944, 1960, pl. 58)

A widow in mourning wearing a bast-fibre hood and a shell ring necklace.

Domara village. (n.p.)

Couples of dancers facing each other and dancing. Koraudi Village. (n.p.)

The guest of the initiation festival bringing the sacred bonito canoe

to the ocean. Gupuna village, Owa Raha Island.

(H. Bernatzik,Südsee, 1934, pl.12)

Portrait of Charlie Küper. Gupuna Village, Owa Raha Island.

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